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TPA clinics are designed to help players practice different areas of the game for a short period of time, and then play some points using the skills they are learning.   We try to group players of similar skill levels together to insure everyone is able to feel competitive and most importantly have fun.  If you are new to the game or just looking to improve, come out and join us.

The following is a guide to which clinic is best for you.  Please try to sign up for the appropriate level to allow the best experience for everyone:

Beginner -- Players who are just starting to play the game.  Still learning the concept of dinking, third shot drop, serving and returning, transition areas, non volley zone rules and scoring.

Beginner Plus -- These players have begun to execute some of the basic shots used in the game.  Still learning how to keep balls in play, court positioning and understanding movement during the course of a point.

Advanced Beginner -- These players have started to develop many of the shots used in the game during drills and practice, but are still learning to execute them during play.  They tend to "swing away" during the point which usually leads to short rallys.  Starting to develop better understanding of court position and movement with a partner.

Intermediate -- These player can use a variety of shots during points and are able to keep balls in play for longer rallys.  They are still learning to dink and hit third shots to avoid being attacked by more agressive players, but have the ability to put balls away after an opponent's mistake.  Good understanding of court position,  movement with partner and are starting to understand the block/re-set volley to extend points.

Upcoming TPA Clinics

More clinics will be coming soon !  In order to make the experience the best for everyone, it helps to group players of similar skill levels together.  If you are interested in upcoming clinics, click the link below, fill out the contact form and tell us which skill level best describes your pickleball ability.  Also, please tell us the best days/times for you to attend so we can try and accommodate as many as possible.  Thank you !
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